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Eternal Youth Museum of Contemporary Art March 11
A group exhibition featuring works from the MCA's collection that explore youth and how its depictions respond to evolving social, cultural, and political climates, including Eddie Peake's Destroyed by Desire and photographs from Larry Clark's Kids series.
#AiWeiwei Museum of Contemporary Photography, Columbia College April 13 1
The first Chicago exhibit from the Chinese activist, artist, architect, curator, and filmmaker who was detained for his views in 2011. This show highlights the artist's professional photographs paired with photos from his personal Instagram feed.
Uncommonplace Gallery19 March 24
Artists Juan Fernandez, Peter Harris, and Alyssa Dennis interpret what it means to be "at home." Opening reception Fri 3/24, 6-9 PM.
Drunk Science The Comedy Bar July 29
Sean Flannery is distinctly qualified to host a show like Drunk Science, a multimedia stand-up revue dedicated to the science behind getting wasted. And we should know: the Reader named Flannery "Best Drunk" in the 2014 Best of Chicago issue, something he acknowledges by showing the audience that you can't google "Sean Flannery" without the search engine asking, "Did you mean Sean Flannery drunk?" »
The Dead Know Everything Western Exhibitions April 15
Elijah Burgh's colored-pencil drawings exploring friendship, death, flags, gods, demons, and paradise. Opening reception Sat 4/15, 5-8 PM.
Paper Arts Bridgeport Art Center March 17
A group exhibition exploring all the ways in which paper can be used as an artistic medium. Opening reception Fri 3/17, 7-10 PM.
A display of the museum's more than 30 million specimens including rare deep sea-dwelling creatures, fossil brains, and meteorites.
There's a visual-media sea change happening in Chicago right now. A growing crop of local production companies—focused on creating webseries, short films, and even commercials—is providing new opportunities for people of diverse races, sexualities, and genders. »
Anonymous Women Schneider Gallery March 15
Growing up in the Chicago suburbs during the 1950s and '60s, photographer Patty Carroll lived in a homogeneous, harmonious bubble. By way of cookie-cutter houses, rigid gender norms, and midcentury notions of perfectionism and civility, Carroll came to know the suburbs as "fabricated places of solace," as she writes in her artist's statement for "Anonymous Women," currently on display at Schneider Gallery. »
Blek Le Rat: Ratical Vertical Gallery April 01
The gallery celebrates its four-year anniversary with work by Blek Le Rat, founder of the international stencil art movement. Opening reception Sat 4/1, 6-10 PM.
Felt iO Theater August 13 1
This adult-oriented improvised puppet show by the Atticus Finch ensemble suggests bitter, rejected prototypes of Elmo, Chewbacca, McGruff the Crime Dog, and Crank Yankers/Muppets characters ganging up in a dark alley off Sesame Street. The performers display sophisticated physical control as they wield the puppets from behind the curtains of a bi-level ministage. »
If You Remember, I'll Remember Northwestern University Block Museum of Art February 04
A collection of historical documents, photographs, sound recordings, and more examining war, internment, resistance, and civil rights movements in 19th- and 20th-century America. Opening reception Sat 2/4, 10 AM-4 PM.
An exhibition curated by Ross Jordan that looks at portrayals of a black president in visual culture, both historical and contemporary. Opening reception and curator tour Sun 3/26, 3-4 PM.
Technical Images Document Gallery April 15
John Opera's photographic experiments with the cyanotype process. Opening reception Sat 4/15, 5-8 PM.
Sublands TCC Chicago April 14
Multimedia work by Pete Hillstrom that focuses on depictions of midwestern Americana. Opening reception Fri 4/14, 7-10 PM.
Belongings Patron April 01
Paintings by New York-based artist Ryosuke Kumarkura. Opening reception Fri 4/1, 4-7 PM.
Breathing Room Roman Susan April 08
New work by the artist and musician Alejandro T. Acierto. Opening reception Sat 4/8, 6-9 PM.
TJ & Dave iO Theater, The Mission Theater October 23
Veteran comedians TJ Jagodowski and Dave Pasquesi perform a long-form improv show each week.
Merce Cunningham: Common Time Museum of Contemporary Art February 11
You'd never mistake Merce Cunningham for a traditionalist. A tap dancer growing up, the striking, hollow-faced innovator of postmodern movement is credited with creating some of the most influential and radical dance-theater works of the mid to late 20th century. »
Smoke, Nearby Museum of Contemporary Art April 15
An exhibition of Tania Pérez Córdova's sculptures.
Their Funeral, Our Dance Floor Shane Campbell Gallery March 25
New works by local artist David Leggett.

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