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Jayna Zweiman: Welcome Blanket Smart Museum of Art August 09
For a while last winter, Jayna Zweiman was the most famous artist in America, although almost no one could identify her by name. But everyone saw her work. »
Maxwell Street Market Maxwell Street Market July 01
Do you enjoy chomping on a fresh churro while sifting through weathered tools, ball caps, and odds and ends? Of course you do.
Woman as Warrior Zhou B Art Center August 18
In the art world, as in the real world, women are often underrepresented. Only around 5 percent of the artwork in major U.S. museums is by female artists, even though, according to a 2010 National Endowment for the Arts survey, 51 percent of visual artists are women. »
Chicago Underground Comedy Beat Kitchen August 26
A benchmark for local stand-up comics takes the form of a slot at Chicago Underground Comedy—a weekly, curated showcase with the occasional former Chicagoan headlining. Think T.J. Miller, Hannibal Buress, Cameron Esposito, or John Mulaney.
Anyone who lives in Chicago who has any artistic ambition whatsoever has seriously considered, at least once, moving away. All the real action, it seems, is elsewhere, and if anyone outside the midwest is going to pay you any attention, you're going to have to head to one of the coasts, where you can spend the rest of your life wallowing in nostalgia for how young and free you were in Chicago. »
I Shit You Not! Logan May 30
Local comedians and monologists share personal stories of inadvertent defecation. Michael Sanchez and Monte LeMonte host.
Wet Cash Dark Tower Comics July 28
Stand-up with a very big twist. Each week, performers at this showcase can do anything they want. »
Our Town Redtwist Theatre September 14
Every classic play comes with its own set of commonplaces—those little hooks we pick up in school, giving us the shorthand we need so we can appear at least halfway educated. Long Day's Journey Into Night is autobiographical. »
Uptown Poetry Slam Green Mill July 10
Featuring open mike, special guests, and end-of-the-night competition.
Lincoln's Undying Words Chicago History Museum April 14
The Chicago History Museum presents an exclusive look at some of Abraham Lincoln's most famous speeches and the cultural impact they have today.
Harry Styles, Muna Chicago Theatre September 26
Drunk Science The Comedy Bar July 29
Sean Flannery is distinctly qualified to host a show like Drunk Science, a multimedia stand-up revue dedicated to the science behind getting wasted. And we should know: the Reader named Flannery "Best Drunk" in the 2014 Best of Chicago issue, something he acknowledges by showing the audience that you can't google "Sean Flannery" without the search engine asking, "Did you mean Sean Flannery drunk?" »
Gigan, Of Wolves, Air Raid, Everscathed Cobra Lounge September 28
Barbecue Steppenwolf Theatre, 1700 Theatre September 01
In comments to be found in the program for Strawdog Theatre's production of his 2015 satire, Barbecue, Robert O'Hara identifies a TV genre he calls "watching white people do shit." "There are all these reality shows: watch the white guy build a house, watch the white guy fix the car, watch the white guy go around the world and eat," he says. »
The Art of Dr. Seuss Gallery Water Tower Place June 16
Like many of us, Ted Geisel felt unfulfilled by his day job. Does it matter that, as Dr. Seuss, Geisel produced some of the world's most beloved picture books and introduced generations of children to the pleasures of reading? »
Saul Steinberg liked to call himself "a writer who draws," but during the 20th century few draftsmen could approach his inventiveness. In his drawings, Steinberg's lines seem to reinvent themselves as they progress, zigging when you expect them to zag, or disappearing abruptly just as they appear to be gathering steam. »
Felt iO Theater August 13 1
This adult-oriented improvised puppet show by the Atticus Finch ensemble suggests bitter, rejected prototypes of Elmo, Chewbacca, McGruff the Crime Dog, and Crank Yankers/Muppets characters ganging up in a dark alley off Sesame Street. The performers display sophisticated physical control as they wield the puppets from behind the curtains of a bi-level ministage. »
Fantastic Super Great Nation Numero Uno Second City E.T.C. January 12
In the weeks and now days leading up to the inauguration, it seems like the jokes about Trump and the current state of our political climate are basically writing themselves. Between rumors of golden showers and the president-elect's meeting with Steve Harvey, it sometimes feels as if we're all living in one long political sketch. »
Derv Gordon, So What, Jollys East Room September 29

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